Kitchen Remodel: Cabinet Removal (Second Step)

Welcome back to kitchen remodeling!

     The next step in our #remodeling process was to remove all of the #cabinets from the #kitchen - and when I say all, I mean all, except the kitchen sink. Literally, we left the kitchen sink cabinet, and the dishwasher, and that was it.
     I didn't want to be without a sink and dishwasher for months.
     Instead of jumping right into the remodeling, I'm actually going to discuss why we left the kitchen #sink and #dishwasher, besides the obvious reasons: When I asked my wonderful sister-in-law about her kitchen remodeling process, which she did with Vinny as well, I asked her for advice, naturally... She didn't have one catchy phrase to give me, but more the story of washing her dishes in the bathtub for months was a pain, was enough for me to take notice.
     See, our master bathroom has a tub, but it's old. And liked to clog. So that would leave me going up and down the stairs to our second floor bathroom tub, and ain…

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