How Did I Get Here?

     Honestly, I accidentally started this journey into a minimal waste lifestyle... But let's back up for a minute, and first explain "Zero Waste". I don't know if you've heard of "Zero Waste", but it's a philosophy that encourages people to find ways to constantly reuse all products in their lives, with the goal to no longer send trash to landfills, incinerators, and/or the ocean. The idea of going completely zero waste was daunting, as I had no idea where to even begin. However, when I shifted my thinking more towards the idea of "minimal waste", it was a little easier to understand, and more importantly, implement into my every day life.

The idea of #MinimalWaste is exactly what it sounds like: make simple life-changes that reduce your carbon footprint.

     Now, here's the honest part: While yes, I love the environment (who doesn't?), my journey started out as a want - and need if I wanted to continue all these remodeling projects - to save money. That's right. It was strictly a personal gain here (sorry Mother Nature, and I feel awful admitting that out loud, but it's true). So I started looking at alternatives for our every day things that people don't necessarily think about using, and started realizing how truly wasteful they end up being, because more often than not, people call them a "necessity", and justify spending money over-and-over again on items to don't need to be disposable.

     Why spend the money, when you could make a simple change, save money, and have less of an impact of the environment? It seems like a no-brainer when you think of it that way...

     And before you think I'm just talking about recycling (though a simple change to move towards minimal waste is to start recycling - check out Recycle Nation to figure out not only where you can recycle, but how you can and what you can recycle), I'm also talking about your everyday purchases. Or making small changes around your home that will eventually add up - in one way or another, you're going to impact the world and environment around you, so why not choose to make a better impact?

     Check back every other week (I post weekly, but I alternate weeks with my posts from minimal waste lifestyle choices and my posts about remodeling choices), and see what changes I've made to leave a better carbon footprint (and save money), along with how Nick is handling the changes AKA how a "regular" person handles these "hippe" changes, and Nick likes to call them from time-to-time - spoiler alert, he has his own rating scale.