Kitchen Remodel: Bye Bye Peninsula (Third Step)

Disclaimer :  Some of the pictures that I used are not my own, and if they aren't my own, I put the link to the source that I found them at below the picture. And we're back with kitchen remodeling!      With our upper #cabinets removed, the next process was to tackle the peninsula we had in our kitchen.      We knew we wanted an #island - most people do - but our concern was our spacing made it so that we weren't able to have that dream large island, so the next question was "Is it going to be so small that it's not worth it?"      We played with the idea of flopping the #peninsula so that instead of it being on the left side (if we're looking into the kitchen), that maybe it should be on the right side, extending from the range area. However, that idea got tossed into the pile of "what if"s that was accumulating with our project, because the right side of the kitchen is also the door to the laundry room that leads to our out

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