Feng Shui? In Houston?

This post isn't a big post where I share some wisdom with yall, but more of a post where I share some personal truths with yall instead: I've been combing my brain to try to explain the shift in my thought process that got me to move towards #MinimumWaste, or the big "pow" moment that it all started to slowly click with me in making these types of changes, because I feel everyone 1) always wants to know that story, and 2) needs to know that side of the story in order to relate to the post.

    However, as much as I tried, I couldn't really pinpoint an exact moment for me... So then I started thinking about the little things that I did, and I noticed a shift in my thinking when I randomly got into #FengShui... and I started noticing actually *positive* differences in my life.

     Let's start with a tad bit of background: I have #anxiety. And not the kind where I had debilitating panic attacks, hyperventilating, and crying, but more my anxiety is worrying …

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