Dropps Review

Disclaimer: While there are links to the products I used, I do not get paid to post them, but I put the links for the convenience of my readers.

     I know I said in my previous #MinimalWaste post here that I was going to talk about my first makeup swap, but it turns out, rolling your tubes gets the last bits out of them, so I'm still working them out... See what I did there?

     So instead, since I haven't made the makeup swap yet, I'm going to talk about my experience with a different type of swap: #detergent.

     Both dish, and laundry.

     I'll admit, I was always a #Tide girl. I loved what it did for my clothes, and the convenience of those little pods just being able to be popped into the washing machine. So easy. And then #Cascade did the same thing for dish detergent? Done. Totally amazing for me.

     ... Then my sister, Laura (you can check out her amazing plant-based lifestyle blog here), started talking casually about #laundry detergent to me in comparison to her #kids health. She started talking about the harsh chemicals, and alternative options out there to combat those chemicals. I mean, I knew there were chemicals in detergents - everyone knows that, but something about hearing someone else talk so passionately about being aware of the chemicals that we so casually apply to our lives got me thinking: what am I doing to myself? Especially in the long run...

     So she introduced me to Molly Suds.

     It is an a-mazing company! It was started by a mom, who lost her child, and wanted to create safer ingredients for household cleaning for future mothers and babies. What's not to love? It was amazing. I was sold, and immediately bought their Oxygen Whitener ($12.99), All Sport Laundry Wash ($12.99), Laundry Powder ($13.99), and their 3 Wool Dryer Balls ($14.00). I was armed and ready to start this experience of being more aware of the chemicals I surround my house with... and I'll be honest, I wanted to love these products. I really did. And maybe my husband sweaty #brewer clothing is just is too much for #MollySuds. I don't know, but I noticed that my clothes were starting to take on this faint hint of his #sweaty clothing, and then there was also the fact that both of our whites were starting to yellow... Pretty fast too.

     It was super disappointing, which because I had bought the Oxygen whitener specifically to avoid yellowing of our whites.

     Molly Suds was out for me, unfortunately.

     However, I had already started my minimal waste journey by this time, so there was no way I was going back to Tide and that plastic container. Again, once you see how much unnecessary plastic is in the world - let alone, how much of it is being wasted - it's hard to unsee. And those Tide pods? They come in a large plastic container. Sure, you can recycle it, but like I said in this post, "According to the #EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) "much of the plastic ever made, still exists" (source), so why recycle plastic to just add to the plastic?

     I'm okay with #recycling, don't get me wrong, but why not recycle things that are easier on the planet if you have to recycle at all? Like #cardboard. According to Earth911, recycling one ton of cardboard eliminates nine cubic yards of landfill space (source). NINE YARDS PEOPLE!!

     Let's break this math down: A standard football field is 120 yards, so recycling 13.33 tons of cardboard, can keep a football field out of a #landfill. To further drive that point home: the standard cardboard shoe box weighs about 200 grams, and Amazon claimed that on Prime Day 2018 they sold over 100 million items (source), so now let's pretend they only sold over 100 million shoe boxes on Prime Day. There's 907,185 grams in one ton, so take 100 million (mind you, Amazon claimed they did over that number), divided by 907,185 and that's 110.23. Now divide that number by our football field scenario, and that's 8.27. So in our hypothetical situation, if all those boxes were recycled (and they were all shoe boxes, which we all know they weren't), that's roughly ensuring a little over 8 football fields of waste did not end up in a landfill.


     ... Let's get back on track though, with laundry detergent.

     So cardboard packaging seemed like the way to go here, rather than a plastic bin, but did that even exist in a mainstream company? I did my research and stumbled upon Dropps. #Dropps are a plant-based product, no animal-testing, sustainable, dye-free, chlorine-free, they were awarded #EPA 2017 Safer Choice Partner of the Year (source)... And you guessed it, they ship everything in a cardboard box.

     My #honest review of Dropps laundry detergent?

     I love them. I got the unscented pods, and they work amazingly with our clothes. No more yellowing whites, and even my husband's sweaty brewer shirts don't affect my personal laundry anymore. I will say, I miss having some sort of scent, which I didn't think about when I got the unscented. When they say "unscented" they mean unscented. No super #clean smell - mind you, there's no #dirty smell either, but I'm talking that over fresh clean smell that some "unscented" detergents will still have. Nothing. It's actually kind of impressive really.

     To add to the coolness, the company offers a #subscription, so no more worrying about running out. In addition, another added bonus, you can swap your orders: don't like the unscented version, swap for lavender. Or cleanOur next round, which is coming up, I'm opting to switch to the lavender scent (I'm a sucker for lavender), and I'll let yall know if that's too powerful or not.

     I will say this, so I logged on to my account, set everything up for the swap, but for whatever reason, while it let me swap the scent, it reset my delivery date, and wouldn't let me change it back, which was frustrating. So I had to deactivate that specific subscription, and then add a new one to my account, which was actually super easy to do. It was just frustrating that my original subscription wouldn't let me keep my original delivery all because I changed the scent of my detergent... Nevertheless, I got it taken care of. Lavender, here we come.

     I also got their Laundry Oxi Booster Pods thinking I would need them occasionally, but the truth is, we use them on our sheets (the dog sleeps in bed with us, so the sheets can smell after awhile between a sweaty brewer husband and a 50-pound dog), on our whites if there's a particularly sweaty white shirt of Nick's, or if Nick's regular work shirts smell extra bad - I definitely use them on his work socks *gags*, so I actually use them more often than I thought. I love them, but then again, I don't know if they're "boosting" the already there laundry detergent, or if it's more of a placebo effect...

     Nevertheless, I absolutely L-O-V-E Dropps laundry detergent!! ... verdict is still out on "loving" the oxi boosters, but I do like them.

     Still not sold on switching to Dropps? Fine. I get it. I'm not here to product push you. I'm here to make your life easier, and give you better options for yourself and the planet...

     ... But wait! They also do dish detergent *insert head explosion*

     Yup, I got their dish detergent too (unscented). And yall! I think I'm more impressed with the dish detergent than the laundry detergent. No spots. Just clean. I still had some leftover Cascade pods when I received my dish detergent Dropps, and to be honest, this might not sound positive, but I couldn't tell the difference in using the Cascade versus the Dropps; they're comparable. And that, to me, is positive.

     When I switch things, I want them to either be similar to what I was already using, or better.

     Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and swap for the lemon scent for our next time around, just to give that a go and let yall know about that one too. Strangely enough, when I went to swap to the lemon scent, it let me without changing my delivery date like it did when I asked to swap my laundry detergent. Maybe they fixed the glitch that fast? Who knows.

     Dropps isn't just laundry and dish detergents. Just to give you an idea of other things they offer:

Genuinely, they have the whole laundry and dish detergent game covered.

     And if that wasn't enough, I'm a sucker for a #rewards program product. Who doesn't like getting rewarded for purchasing things? They have an amazing rewards program that is simple - things like 100 points for liking them on #Instagram, 100 points for liking them on #Facebook, etc. Shoot, you get 200 points just for creating an account! Why not.

     Seriously. The amazingness just keeps going.

     When I went to right this post and get my hyperlinks to make it easier to see what I'm talking about, I noticed that they just added a Household Oxi Booster Pod, which if this thing works, is a #GameChanger for my house. They're claiming this little pod, dissolved in water, can clean stains out of carpets, rugs, upholstery, hard surfaces, and tough fabric/clothing stains. Done. And done.

     I haven't ordered it yet, because I still have a lot of previous #cleaners from my non-minimal waste days, and I refuse to buy things before I finish using what I have. That's silly. Nevertheless, once I'm out of those previous cleaners, best believe that I'll be writing an in-depth review of the household oxi booster!


     BONUS: Like I said previously, they offer a referral program with their rewards program, so if you guys would like $10 off your first purchase, you can use this link to get that - but, like I also said at the beginning of this post, by no means am I being paid to sponsor Dropps whatsoever... But hey #Dropps, if you want to sponsor me, I wouldn't be mad about it ;)