Going Natural... with Deodorant (Picking Deodorant Part One)

Disclaimer: While there are links to the products I used, I do not get paid to post them, but I put the links for the convenience of my readers.
     Sorry for the delay in posting last week. I was sick with a nasty sinus infection, so you get a New Years early present, and then I'll be back again on Wednesday with another house update. Anyway, maybe you've heard of the new wave of people who are changing their #deodorant to a more natural option? It's true, and not as scary as you think. Most people start to think about switching to a more natural deodorant when they read that a lot of deodorants have #aluminum in them, but of course I was like "Oh okay. Nice try" In the most sarcastic tone possible.

     However, I went home and checked my deodorant, and sure enough, aluminum!

     It didn't totally freak me out, but it was unsettling. You sweat, which means you have open pours for things to get into your body faster, which means you're directly putting aluminum on the fast-track to getting inside your body. Crazy.

     I did a little more research and found that aluminum is used in anti-antiperspirants (the things that don't let you sweat), so I knew that meant if I was moving to a non-aluminum deodorant, I was more than likely - if not guaranteed - to give up my dry armpits... Damn. However, I read that eventually your body learns and curves the amount of sweat it produces, but that was to be seen.

     Nevertheless, I did my research: There's pastes. There's sticks. There's powders. There's too many choices!! However, through all my quest for the right natural deodorant, I started to get scared. I was seeing all these pictures of people with discolored armpits, or even rashes/burns under their arms. I don't want that... Maybe aluminum wasn't that bad?

     I tried to convince myself, but I just couldn't, once I knew that aluminum was there. For me, it's like the thing you can never unsee again. So more research.

     Luckily, I found that most people who were experiencing these rashes/burns and/or discoloration was due to two main reasons 1) there was a good amount of baking soda in the deodorant formula, which for a decent amount of people can cause a rash, and 2) they immediately switched from aluminum deodorants to natural deodorants, and there's a transition period. I repeat: respect the transition period. Basically, everywhere was saying to go a week without deodorant at all and detox your pits before committing to the switch... Back up. You want me to do a full week without deodorant?! #HelloSmellyKid

     However, I was committed, so I did it... For about 5 days and then switched to my first natural deodorant, which was a powdery paste called #Kaiame 100% All Natural Deodorant, which was $14.62 when I bought it on Amazon.

And guess what? No burns. No rashes. And even better, no discoloration.

     I bought it on August 14, 2018 and it lasted me until October 29, 2018, almost exactly 11 weeks,  which is 77 days, so divide $14.62 by 77, which is $0.19 per day. Not bad. Especially since I was using Secret at about $4.32 per stick and it would only last me about a month, but let's say two to be safe, which is 4 to 8 weeks, about 28 to 56 days, figured into $4.32, so that's $0.15 to $0.08 a day.

     Now, I'm sure you're thinking, but wait Sarah, Secret is less money than your hippie deodorant!
But wait, are you figuring in that it took be almost three months to finish my hippie deodorant (so I'm only replacing it 4 times in a year), and I ordered it from Amazon, which means I didn't have to drive to the store to pick it up, while Secret was getting replaced every month - or every other month (so replaced 6-12 times in a year), and you have to drive to the store every time to replace it? When I look at it from that perspective, the price difference isn't big enough for me to justify going back to Secret... and aluminum.

     Since my little deodorant journey began in August, I've tried giving other natural deodorants a chance, and here's what I've got so far (in order of me using them until they were gone):

1) Kaiame 100% All Natural Deodorant
     Order online for $13.50 from the company's website (plus $3.99 shipping), or order online for $13.51 on Amazon (with free shipping) for a one-time purchase or $12.83 (with free shipping) for a subscription every two months (for 2oz)
  • Subtly scent (almost so subtle that when it's on, I kept asking Nick to smell my armpits to make sure it was working, but apparently, that's the line in our marriage is smelling armpits *rude* but I will say, the one day I forgot to put it on, I could tell I didn't have it on #SmellyKid) 
  • I noticed that my sweating wasn't that noticeable - the sense that I didn't feel wet all the time
  • As for reapplying, I would apply in the morning (around 7am) before work, and I didn't feel the need to reapply by the evening, unless I was going out for a night on the town, but that was more precautionary than actually being smelly and needing it
  • There's a subscription service through Amazon
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, or full refund
  • Comes in a glass jar with a tin lid, so it's completely recyclable
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Lasted almost 11 weeks, which was about $0.19 per day
  • Applying deodorant with a little stick every morning is a pain
  • Letting the deodorant warm up underneath your armpit so you can spread it, also a pain
  • Small amount of baking soda, which I put under "cons", but according to them, the amount of baking soda is with people who are sensitive to baking soda kept in mind, so not to cause rashes, burns, and/or discoloration, so is this really a con?
     Didn't Get Answered by the Company
  • Sustainability?
  • Fair Trade?
  • Palm Oil?
  • Can it be used around your private region?
     Overall Opinion: Definitely can stay in rotation, because I love the freshness factor and how long it lasted me, but I am not a fan of the smearing of the paste to apply.

2) #Schmidts Deodorant Charcoal + Magnesium
     Order online for $9.99 from the company's website (plus $2.95 shipping) for a one-time purchase or $9.99 (with free shipping) for a subscription every two months, or order online for $9.96 (with free shipping) from Amazon (for 3.25oz), or pick up in-stores for $5.08 at Target (for 2.65oz)
  • I loved having a stick form deodorant back in my life
  • The scent was pleasant, and while a little strong when you first put it on, it fades to being subtle pretty fast
  • There's a subscription service through company's website
  • Available at most major super market stores
  • Recyclable by plastic #5
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, to which you email them your complaints/dislikes, but I'm not sure if they refund you or not
  • Sustainability
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • No palm oil
  • Fair Trade: when I asked via email their response was "We can't claim that our ingredients are all non-GMO, Fair Trade, Organic at this time, but it's something we're working towards while prioritizing high ingredient quality and stable supply availability"
  • Usable around private region: when I asked via email their response was "Our deodorants are only made for the underarm area and not suggested for other areas of the body."
  • The first use after removing the plastic protector-thing went on great, but the second use? It was scratchy and took a minute to warm up on my armpits to go on without feeling scratchy - maybe this could've been avoided by keeping the plastic protector-thing?
  • I felt like I was sweaty not necessarily more than usual, but I noticed the wetness under my armpits more than with Kaiame's deodorant
  • As for reapplying, I would apply in the morning (around 7am) before work, and maybe it was due to feeling wet under my armpits, but I felt the need to reapply by the evening
  • It contains baking soda, which I didn't realize until I went to make this post, so that may explain why I didn't like it as much, but I didn't have a rash, so that's a pro within a con
  • Lasted 5 1/2 weeks, which was about $0.29 per day
     Overall Opinion: Definitely can stay in rotation, because I love the stick factor and the freshness all day, but the sandpaper feeling when applying it makes it hard to love.

3) #Myro Deodorant Big Dipper
     Order online for $10.00 (but I used Promo Code: Twilight to get 50%, which was provided from TwilightChic's vlog review of Myro on YouTube) with free shipping
  • Have you seen it's case? It's stylish, beautiful, dishwasher safe, and TSA compliant
  • There's a subscription service through company's website
  • You can change your scents out with your subscriptions at any point
  • Refillable pods, so less plastic being used in the world
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, and full refund
  • No baking soda
  • Cruelty free
  • I started using this December 5, 2018, and I've still got about a fourth left in the pod, so I'm guessing I'll run out by the second week of January 2019
  • Not vegan
  • You can't change your case out without buying a new one, which I guess I get, but still makes me sad
  • When I first put it on, it glides on in comparison to the other two, which is amazing, but it does make me feel wet at first, which it obnoxious, because I was wearing a tank top and it got the arm-holes wet - they dried quickly, but still
  • I felt like I had to keep applying it to keep smelling fresh, which is obnoxious - I put it on at 7am and by 10:30am it's not that I smell, but if I lift my armpit and do the "sniff test", I can smell BO, and by the end of my work day, I feel like I can smell myself
    • I asked Myro about that, since I haven't had "BO problems" when using either of the other two deodorants, and their response was that I need to give it time to work, but again, it's been almost four weeks, and it still isn't working the way that I want a deodorant to work.
     Didn't Get Answered by the Company
  • Sustainability?
  • Fair Trade?
  • Palm Oil?
  • Can it be used around your private region?
     Overall Opinion: I really - I mean really - wanted to love this deodorant from the stylish and refillable case, to the lovely smell, but the combination of the wet-feeling when applying and then the lack of freshness in a matter of hours, I had to cancel my subscription and won't be purchasing again.

     Those are the three I've tried so far, and I'll probably try in increments of three for each post. I'm hoping that I find one that I absolutely am head over heels for (and I can tell you guys about), but until that happens - and as long as I think the next one will be better - I'll keep trying them all. I'll update periodically about my quest for the perfect natural deodorant for me, so look out for those updates ;)

     Side Note: I want to thank each company's customer service department for answering my questions in regards to their products (i.e. if they're vegan, recyclable, etc.).