The Princess' Retreat

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Happy almost turkey day everyone!! We're spending our turkey day cleaning the house and eating casserole (the kitchen is under construction, but that's for another post)... Anyway, everyone who purchases an older home (that hasn’t been updated), all have giggle-worthy horror stories of certain rooms, or experiences they had to deal with after moving in... And we’re no exception: Enter the pink room AKA The Princess Room.

As you can tell, it's pink... And not just any pink: Hot pink with #sparkles on the wall. SPARKLES! What they were thinking, I will never know. Maybe a granddaughter? I don't know, and more importantly, I care to know. All I know is that Nick and I agreed that this room was going to be our guest room for our house, so the pink (and especially those sparkles) had to go.

I immediately set out to scrape the popcorn ceilings off, because I'm determined to eventually get rid of all of the popcorn ceilings throughout our house. Remember all my warnings about tarping prior to popcorn removal? I remembered to tarp everything #ProudMoment and man, did it make a huge difference in clean up this time around. If you didn’t catch my post about popcorn removal, you can find it hereThe next thing I did, obviously, was caulk the trim again and then paint the trim with Chantilly Lace, which I showed you how – and why – in this post here. From there, my next step was starting small, but I knew would make a huge difference: the built-in bookcase.

I was not a fan of the decorative woodwork at the top of the bookcase, so I knocked it out. Literally. I took a rubber mallet and knocked the decorative piece right off, glued the molding back on, caulked the trim of the molding to make it flawless like the rest of the trim, and then paint the entire bookshelf in Chantilly Lace, so it would blend in with the trim, and help that built-in feel that we all know and love.
Now that the ceiling was scraped and painted, along with the trim being painted, it was time to pick a wall color to cover that hideous hot pink sparkle color. The colors we were deciding between were Benjamin Moore's Bleeker Beige HC-80 and Benjamin Moore's Monroe Bisque HC-26, which the Monroe Bisque had a slightly warmer yellow tone to it, and since our guest room has a red theme to it, we had a winner.

Also, I have a theory when it comes to decorating our house: If Nick has an opinion, we will go with it (usually). We went to Sherwin Williams and did a color-match in Super paint with a #Flat sheen, and got to work...

After everything was painted and pretty, we vacuumed and treated our carpet before moving in our furniture and staging the room to be like a comforting bed and breakfast.

(Do you see the stained chair from my previous post in the corner? Or how more up-to-date the bookcase looks in the background?)

I'm still working on staging the bookshelf, and what to put on the walls, but instead of junking up the room in order to fill the space, I’m taking my time...

Fast forward two years later, and add in some Captain Hindsight: two years after living with the beige, and very Southwestern-themed guest room, I’ve decided to change the guest room entirely. I mean, we're going from fiery red tones to cool blues and greys, but that’s for a later post.